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Excellence in IT
perfection in the IoT

The Internet of Things represents a fundamental aspect of Business Digitization, reachable with state-of-the-art IT and Devices.



Internet of things!

Continuous monitoring
important structures.

Control of the parameters considered significant of the behavior of the structures over time both "local" (lowering / rotations, stress states) as "global" (dynamic behavior of the structure)



Application development by generating from databases to code, from frontend to backend and from server-side to client-side services.

Businesses need digital transformation.

and dynamic applications integrated into business systems
in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Artificial Intelligence in the IoT.

The recognition of the images of the structures and subsequent analysis over time constitutes
the "AI" project at the forefront in the world of Structural Monitoring.

IoT Web Software

Development of web applications for the world of Internet of Things with cutting-edge technology that guarantees speed and low cost

IoT Mobile App

Development of mobile applications for the world of Internet of Things with cutting-edge technology in the major platforms of the market.

IoT sensors

Devices specific for use in the Internet of Things world.


The birth of the dialogue between machine and machine with the IoT,
and the new generation software that it brings with it!

In the years to come, billions of connected sensors will monitor the environment, transportation systems, factories, farms, etc. These devices managed independently with direct information exchanges between machine and machine, will do so without human intervention.


When "things" connect to a system and give us information on their own, the benefits are incredible!
Quick: developing Web applications is a very complex process. However, it is necessary to reduce time and costs. Nowadays the need to develop unthinkable applications, not realized before, will be more and more frequent.

Integration and EvolutionFlexibility and QualityDevOps expansion

Quality: Regardless of the complexity of the application development, the quality must be very high.

Incrementale: Contrariamente a quanto accadeva nel passato, le applicazioni devono essere incrementali, che vuol dire poter crescere constantemente partendo da un lancio original.


What are the real chances of change of the organization?. Whatever analysis is done, today, they will surely find the activity to improve. Business Digitization is still to be 'discovered'!

The sharing of information in the organization is the fundamental flow that guarantees its health. The information system must guarantee sharing.

The growing trend is integration. The Software must be able to integrate with other systems already present in the organization. Closed systems, which do not allow normal exchange, are less and less in demand.

Mobile isFlexibilityPerformanceSavings

"Business management with mobile applications can save organizations up to 50% of the operating costs of the processes that enable this technology.

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