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What is IoT system

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Smart city

A group of Sensors that send simple signals to the cloud through a specific connectivity ending in a web / mobile platform is a simplified representation of an IoT system.

Why now is there a lot of talk about it?

The technology involved currently allows the possibility to connect "things" between them and, to in turn, to an autonomous management system. The advantages of self-management of our objects, whatever they are, makes us understand the extraordinary advantage that it entails - especially in terms of costs -. Otherwise, in the absence of the IoT, the surveillance and management of our things must be done exclusively by man, removing him from carrying out other tasks with greater added value.

How is it different from the traditional communication system?

If a comparison is made, our communication system has grown tremendously: we started with the telegraph, after the telephone that reigned for a long time until the arrival of the internet and smart devices. In the IoT, in certain architectures, we are - deliberately - like the telegraph because the message that "things" transmit is really elemental (binary) which is sufficient for what is needed for monitoring objects.

So has the future IoT? < / p>

Absolutely !, while the communication between us humans has the limit of the population itself, the connectivity of objects has no limits and will grow exponentially over the next few years.

It is also another sector belonging to Business Digitization that incredibly increases competitiveness and significantly reduces costs with the countless advantages that this brings to the organization.

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