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IoT signage

IoT-oriented software: "Road Signs" Project

Internet of Things for road signs

Diecipoints has created a IoT solution dedicated to road safety starting a path to make smart signs and road signs . The scope of development is safety on construction sites. The software development of Diecipoints envisaged on the one hand the management of the work teams deployed, through the digitization of the Job Journal with the implementation of indicators and management KPIs; on the other hand, it envisaged the use of Internet of Things solutions for the construction of the first traffic light to control traffic. The data transmitted by dedicated sensors were organized in specific cloud systems, and then processed to provide the required outputs. In particular, the dynamic monitoring (from web and mobile) of the energy control of the equipment, in order to activate the maintenance teams only on the actual need for maintenance by the equipment.

Diecipoints integrated these solutions with the Business Intelligence systems of the client company.

The Management of Traffic Signs accompanied by Sensors - IoT Project

Management of Road Signs through IoT sensors.
Example of use of the IoT system for the management of road signs, in this case the control of the battery charge of the movil traffic light.
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